Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Replacing VP2 anemometer bearings

Fow a while it has become apparent that when the wind is light, the wind cups stop spinning far too readily. This is a common issue caused by the tiny bearings - which can be replaced rather than change the whole unit. I bought a set (two) from an ebay seller and they arrived several weeks ago but only just got round to installing. Once on the ground the unit can be opened using just a small hexagonal/allen key. I already had a suitable one but it is very small, no idea the exact size. I feared the studs might be seized but it opened easily enough, I think they are stainless. The cups are completely separate from the Vane, which you do not need to open but it won't hurt, and makes it easier to handle with it taken off. You need to open the central area by taking out the larger screw on the stem too. Inside a magnet spins in the central section. on the bottom a small circlip is all that stops the shaft and attached magnet sliding upwards and out. The bearings have a small flange and can be wiggled out with a small screwdriver or similar. Replacements just press in. The major risk is losing the tiny circlip, I guess a bit of wire might do to replace it. Tweezers are useful to position it for delicate replacement. Once re-installed lower speeds are being recorded much better. There was an obvious roughness in the old bearings as you spun it, however a possible temporary improvement might be made by opening it up and squirting with WD40 or similar. I was a little surprised they were somewhat rusty - but it isn't exactly sealed inside, so much as free draining. If water gets in it *should* drip out. I may be wrong but the upper section with vane does not appear to have a bearing, and might also benefit from slight lubrication. In any case it seems to be moving freely on mine, which is only about 5 years old having been replaced previously.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Beast Blizzard

This started rather modestly but by 28th February conditions were severe with daytime highs about -3C compounded by high winds from the east and frequent snow showers.
During the showers conditions were hellish at times, but probably little more than 6 inches of snow has fallen so far.

Forecasts suggest more normal cold weather returns by the weekend with temperatures creeping above freezing, but very much on the cold side until perhaps mid-March.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Slo-Mo Snow

There's been no shortage of days with snow falling this winter,  but no great amounts so far.
This was a couple of weeks ago but another more serious and colder spell is underway to end the month.

speed is reduced to 25% in this (Sony RX100 video)

Saturday, 9 December 2017

December whoops

Picture from Twitter/Paddy Chamber BATA wagon trying to descend icy Chimney Bank at Rosedale. South of the moors roads were dry, but a snow shower had let an icy cover over the higher parts further north. It would help if water wasn't allowed to stream down the bank - but not a place to take a big truck, risky evenin good conditions (1 in 3 slope)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sudden snowy spell 30th November

This was quite well forecast but with nothing at first light it seemed unlikely it would get like this within a few minutes. Heavy showers continued most of the day with temperatures barely getting above freezing.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Sparrow Selfie

The weather webcam takes a still if it records movement.
Often it's flies in the window and once before it caught a barn owl  - but not as close as this.
Possibly after spiders round the window frame.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Heavy thunderstorm 6th July 2017

We hadn't really had the heat which powered this storm, in fact the day before barely reached 13C so it was a bit unfair to be hit by almost 30mm in less than an hour!

Thunder rumbled to the North and West for most of an hour before the rain and hail hit at about 5pm
Peak rain rate was an astonishing new calculated record of 1080mm/hour!

Roof guttering and drains were swamped and water cascaded everywhere for several minutes but luckily it ended as quickly as it began so the river only rose to a modest level and no major damage was caused.

It was rather similar to the June 2005 event which devastated Bilsdale and Hawnby after droppng well over 6" over a couple of hours.
Westerdale had a similar 30mm in that storm too.